Site Info is built with simplicity is mind, after going through a lot celebrity and entertainment based sites which had really complex site structure, longer page loading times, unnecessary pop-ups and pop-under advertisements which eventually confuses and distracts the users from seeing the actual content which they want to, we decided to roll out a blog that is completely free of all the complexities and there by enriching the user experience with faster loading pages (With a decent broadband connection our pages don’t take more than 4 to 5 seconds to load), simple site structure (almost anyone can easily browse through the different sections of our blog), minimal usage of image ads (which distracts the visitors) and also the over layout of the pages is planned out in such a way that its very easy on eyes and less distracting which is unlikely to see in other entertainment blogs and sites. Honestly we provide our visitors with what they look for with least distractions possible.

All the factors stated above contributes to our continued success of this blog as it becomes more and more popular among our visitors making them to visit our site over and over again for new updates. Unlike other sites we give users the first place in the list of our priorities. We have future plans to roll out more such blogs covering other areas of entertainment soon.

Thank for all of you support and enjoy browsing.